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posted this on August 2, 2011, 12:38 radio provides a visually engaging way to enjoy music on the AppleTV. For more details on features, or to sign up for a free account please visit:

Streaming Radio

Step 1: To start a radio station select 'Radio' from the menu.


Step 2: From the Radio menu, a station can be started based on a number of criteria including artist, tag (genre), your recommended radio and others. For this demo we'll select Popular Artists.


Step 3: Select an artist that suits your mood.


Step 4: The choses station will start playing. This station will feature music from the selected artist, as well as artists who play a similar style of music.


Playback Options

Various options can be accessed during playback by pressing and holding the center (select) button.


Selecting the slideshow option will start a slideshow of photos for the currently playing artist.


The radio station will continue playing even if you navigate away from the player.


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