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Removing Plugins

posted this on October 18, 2010, 17:05

Currently there is no automatic removal for MiRow, but if needed you can remove plugins installed by MiRow by following these steps.

1. From the Finder's 'Go' menu select 'Go to Folder'. 

2. In the text window that appears enter: /System/Library/CoreServices/Front


3. In the window that appears all the currently installed Front Row plugins will be displayed.


MiRow installs the following plugins - these can be removed if desired.

  • CouchSurfer.frappliance 
  • LastFM.frappliance 
  • RSS.frappliance 
  • Sapphire.frappliance 
  • Sleep.frappliance 
  • Weather.frappliance

The following are system plugins - DO NOT REMOVE THESE!

  • DVD.frappliance 
  • FRSettings.frappliance
  • FRSources.frappliance
  • Movies.frappliance
  • Music.frappliance
  • Photos.frappliance
  • Podcasts.frappliance
  • TV.frappliance
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