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Collections in Infuse is a way to group sequels and other related movies together. Infuse supports automatic collections from TMDB as well as custom collections.

TMDB Collections

TMDB has many collections available that will group true sequels together (EG Iron Man, James Bond, Die Hard, etc...) TMDB collections are enabled by default, but can be disabled in the Settings > Collections and Groups menu. 

Custom Collections

Custom collections can be used alongside or in place of TMDB collections. These are a little more versatile as they are 100% customizable and can include anything you like - such as movies, an entire TV series, or just a single TV season.

To add an item to a custom collection, long press on a poster and select the Collections option (or use the option available on details page). Select an existing collection or create a new one.


Managing custom collections for Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex shares is not currently supported. However, collections can be created using the web app for those servers.

Browsing Collections

Both TMDB and custom collections will be visible by navigating to Library > Collections.

Collections will also be grouped into a collection while browsing categories like All Movies or All TV Shows. However, if you prefer to keep the titles separate here you can disable the 'Group Movies/TV Shows Into Collections' option found in the Settings > Collections and Groups menu.


Collections are only visible when using the Library, and will not be visible when browsing directly via folders.

Collections vs Playlists

Collections and playlists share some common features, but there are some differences.

  • Collections will appear in both the Collections area and mixed in with movies/shows. Playlists will only be visible in the Playlists section.
  • Collections will keep TV series, seasons, and episodes grouped together. Playlists will show all episodes individually.
  • Collections are tied to matched titles, and will continue to work if items are renamed or moved. Playlists are tied to specific files, so you will need to re-add items if they are renamed or moved.
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