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The Apple TV is designed as a streaming media device and provides limited local storage space for things such as library data and artwork. As a result, Infuse will use a combination of local and cloud storage to ensure your library is available to browse as quickly as possible.

With the Cloud Backup feature enabled, Infuse will periodically save data to the cloud so it is available whenever it is needed by your device.

Cloud Backup can be used in conjunction with iCloud Sync, and we recommend keeping both enabled for the best experience

Using Cloud Backup

To enable this feature follow these steps on Apple TV.

  1. Navigate to Infuse > Settings > Cloud Backup
  2. Enable the ‘Auto Backup’ option
  3. Select the ‘Save Backup’ button to save the first backup

Backup Location and Details

  • Backups save library settings and textual metadata
  • Stored in secure AWS cloud storage with end-to-end encryption
  • Each device is able to have a single snapshot backup (IE the latest version overwrites the previous)
  • Fully encrypted on device before uploading
  • Encryption keys are randomized and tied to a specific app installation on your device
  • Deleting the app (or restoring the device) will cause the backup to be inaccessible by anyone in the future
  • Backups that have been inactive for 90 days are permanently deleted
  • Auto-backup will run once every 3 days
  • Manual backups can be created at anytime

Since backups are fully encrypted with keys not controlled by Firecore, we do not have the ability to read or recover any data from these encrypted backups.

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