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Use nitoTV to play a wide variety of formats that are not typically supported on the AppleTV.


Navigate to the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu and select the nitoTV item. Restart the AppleTV when prompted.

Note: If nitoTV already appears in the main menu this step is not required.




The Files menu will display all media files that copied to the 'Movies' folder. External drives, and network shares will also be visible in this menu. Selecting a file through this menu will begin playback.

Note: External drives and network shares can be safely unmounted by highlighting the drive and pressing the left arrow (<<) button.

Cover Art

Cover art can be displayed for any files listed in the Files menu. nitoTV will automatically link media files and images that have the same name.

E.G. The Dark Knight.avi and The Dark Knight.jpg

Recent Files

The Recent Files menu will list files that have been recently played.


The Playlists menu allows the user to create, edit and start playlists on the AppleTV.

Media can be added to playlists through the Files menu.

1. Locate the file that is to be added the playlist.

2. Highlight the desired file.

3. Press the right arrow (>>) button, and select 'Add to Playlist'.


The Network menu allows to use to create or edit network share points, for streaming media from remote sources (E.G. networked computer, or NAS drive).

More information on setting up network share points can be seen in the Network Streaming guide.


The Applications menu will list any applications that have been installed on the AppleTV.

More information of installation additional applications can be seen in the Install Applications guide.


The Settings menu will allow the user to fine tune the nitoTV plugin. The aTV Flash installer will automatically adjust these settings for optimal performance. Making changes to the settings is not recommended unless you are familiar with the setting's functionality.

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