Couch Surfer Pro

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Couch Surfer provides a rich, interactive web browsing experience on your HDTV.


Enter address - Enter a web address to navigate to.

Google Search - Built in menu for searching Google.

Bookmarks - View available bookmarks.Bookmarks can be added while browsing by pressing menu and selecting 'Bookmark Page' option.

History - List of recently visited sites.

Settings - Adjust Couch Surfer Pro's settings.

About - Version and license info.

Controlling Couch Surfer

Standard Apple Remote

Using only the standard Apple remote you can surf the web with Couch Surfer.

1. Pressing play/pause will toggle the onscreen cursor on. Pressing them menu button will toggle it off.

2. Use the arrows to move the cursor around the screen.

3. Pressing play/pause on a link will navigate to the selected link.

4. Selecting a text box will prompt the onscreen keyboard to appear.

6. Holding the arrows while in scroll mode will increase/decrease text size.

Left arrow = shrink text size

Right arrow = increase text size

iPhone Remote App

The Apple Remote app for the iPhone/iPod Touch provides great control for surfing the web.

1. Tap the screen to toggle the onscreen cursor on. Pressing the menu button will toggle it off.

2. Use the screen as a trackpad to move the cursor.

3. To select a link, higlight the link and tap the center of the screen.

4. Selecting a text box will prompt the onscreen iPhone/iPod Touch keyboard to appear.

Mouse or Loop Pointer

A USB Mouse or Loop pointer (with or without a USB keyboard) can also be used to control Couch Surfer.

1. Enable 'Mouse Cursor Mode' through the Browser --> Settings menu.

2. When browsing sites, the cursor can be moved with the mouse. Links can be selected by pressing the left click button. (Right click currently has no functionality).

Other Features

Adding Bookmarks

Bookmarks can easily be added while surfing with Couch Surfer. If you find a site you wish to bookmark press the menu button, to bring up the onscreen menu, and select the 'Bookmark Page' option.

The bookmarks file can also be edited manually. To edit the stored bookmarks, download the bookmarks file when connected via FTP, make any desired changes, and upload it to the same location. The bookmarks file is located on the AppleTV at:

Library/Application Support/CouchSurfer/Bookmarks.plist
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