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The Jaman movie player is currently only supported on AppleTV software 2.4 and earlier.


1. Jaman plugin installed on Apple TV with aTV Flash

2. Jaman Player on Mac/PC Download Here

Setting up the Player

  • Start Jaman Player on Mac/PC
  • From the menu, select Tools -> Configure Jaman TV...
  • Select your Apple TV from the bottom list and click Add Device. Enter any name and the serial number of the Apple TV (you can get the serial number by clicking the AppleTV device in iTunes - the serial number will be displayed). If you don't see your Apple TV in the list, make sure that your Apple TV appears in iTunes. If iTunes can't see it, then the Jaman Player can't see it either, and you probably have a problem with your network.
  • The device should now show as online in the Jaman TV dialog

Send Movies To the AppleTV

  • In the Jaman Player go to Tools -> Configure Jaman TV to open the Jaman TV dialog
  • Click on Options, then Transfer Movie Rentals
  • Note that the auto-sync functionality is not working - you need to use the Transfer Movie Rentals option
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