Playing DVD Files

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Play DVD files (VIDEO_TS/VOB) on the AppleTV. This feature includes support for menus special features and 5.1 surround sound.


1. aTV Flash installed

2. Smart Installer ran to complete installation.

Backup Your DVDs

In order for the AppleTV to play your DVD movies, you will first need to backup your DVDs on a computer.

We recommend using one of the following for making backups of DVDs you personally own. Note: We do not encourage or recommend backing up DVDs that you do not own.

MakeMKV -

RipIt - (Mac Only)

AnyDVD - (Windows Only)

Playing DVD Movies on AppleTV

1. Transfer the DVD movie folder to the AppleTV as described here.

2. Each movie should have its own folder, as shown below. Inside each movie folder will be the relevant VIDEO_TS (and possibly AUDIO_TS) folders.

3. DVD files can be played through the nitoTV > Files menu. Selecting a movie's folder will start playback.


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