Installing Additional Applications

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Install additional applications for use on the AppleTV.

Install Process

With the aTV Flash installed, simply walk through the following steps.

1. Run the Smart Installer (for keyboard/mouse support)

2. Connect to the AppleTV via FTP.

3. Copy the application you wish to use to the Applications folder on the AppleTV.

(Note: Only Mac applications will be usable on the AppleTV).

4. Enable the 'Applications' menu through the nitoTV --> Settings --> Categories menu.

5. Optional: If you're using a standard USB mouse you'll need to enable the mouse cursor. This can be done by installing the 'Mouse Locator' option through the nitoTV --> Settings --> Install Software menu.


All installed applications will be listed in the nitoTV --> Applications menu. Select the application to launch it. Press menu to exit the application and return to the AppleTV menu.


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