for Front Row provides access to radio, artist bios and slideshows on the big screen.



Now Playing - Shows the track/station that is currently playing.

Radio - Allows access to radio stations.

Settings - Setup your login, or adjust other settings.

About - Version and license info.

Using for Front Row

Starting a Radio Station

Quickly start streaming your favorite radio stations.

1. Navigate to the Radio menu.

2. You can choose a radio station from the popular tags or popular artists list, access a number of personalized radio stations or search for a tag or artist.


 3. Once the station is selected playback will begin immediately.


Options During Playback

During playback you can access the options menu by pressing the menu button.


Love Track - Mark the currently playing track as 'Loved' (added to your Loved list in your profile).

Ban Track - Mark the currently playing track as 'Banned' (you will never hear it again).

Start Slideshow - Starts the artist slideshow. slideshows are a visually engaging way to enjoy  (note: by default slideshows two minutes after starting a radio station, this can be adjusted through the Settings menu)

Disable/Enable Scrobbling - You can quickly toggle the scrobbling option on or off.

Radio Menu - Takes you to the Radio menu where you can start a different station.

Settings Menu

Fine tune your settings to fit your needs.


Login - Displays the currently active profile.  You can switch profiles by clicking it.

Logout - Logout of the active profile.

Track Info -  Choose whether to display artist/track info during radio playback.

Scrobbling - Choose whether to scrobble plays back to your profile.

Slideshow Timeout - Set the amount of idle time before slideshows begin.

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