Accessing non-iTunes Media

Playing media from folders, USB drives and network drives

In the main menu under Media the standard Mac Movies folder as well as any mounted (USB or network) drives will be listed. Drives and folders listed here are referred to as Collections.


Selecting a mounted drive or folder (Media in this case) will show the contents of that drive.



Choosing which files to import

By default all files in the listed Collections will be scanned and imported.


Folders that contain music, photos or any other data you do not want scanned can be skipped during import. In the example below the 'Shared' folder contains both music and photos, and we'd like to skip it during import. To have this folder skipped we'll first highlight the folder, then press the right arrow (>>) button to bring up the options menu.


Near the bottom of the options menu we'll find an option that allows us to 'Mark this Directory to Skip Import'. Selecting this option will mark the selected folder to be skipped when importing metadata.


If needed the directory can be marked for importing by following the same steps.



Importing metadata

Once all the media to be imported has been located we can run the 'Import All Data' option.


The metadata import process may take awhile, and will ask you questions about your media files from time to time. If you have a lot of media or you would prefer no questions follow the steps below on how to 'Speed up importing'.



Speed up importing

By default when importing metadata you will be presented with questions asking for clarification about some movies or TV shows. More often than not the suggested answer is correct, so having to select this answer over and over can be a bit cumbersome.

We can have the suggested answer picked automatically every time. There are 2 options we can enable through the Media --> Settings menu.

Hide Poster Chooser will auto-select the cover art instead of prompting for us to choose one.


Auto-Select Movies/Shows will auto-select the suggested Movie or TV show name instead of prompting us to choose one.


Now running the Import All Data option will be essentially automatic.


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