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Details on settings available in Infuse for Apple TV are below.


View Type: Choose between viewing files in a list or grid.

Show Fanart: Fanart can be shown as a backdrop for the pre-playback screen (available when using Grid View).

Show File Extensions: Show or hide your files' extensions (I.E. Yes = 'MyMovie.mkv' vs No = 'MyMovie')

Show Local Files: Enable local files to browse and play content that is stored locally on the Apple TV.

Watched Indicators: Choose whether or not to show watched status indicators.

Sort By: Sort files by name or date.

Metadata Fetching: Enable metadata fetching to have Infuse automatically download information and cover art for Movies and TV Shows.

File Management: When enabled, allows files to be deleted from the Apple TV (Note: Requires read/write access on the source device)

Media Shelf: Display Recently Watched or Recently Added movies/shows in the main menu. Setup audio track scrobbling. Setup video scrobbling and syncing.


Zoom Mode: Adjust the default zoom mode for videos.

Show Subtitles: When set to Yes, subtitles will be shown by default (if available). Subtitles can always be enabled/disabled on a per file basis through the Playback Menu (hold select while a video is playing).

Playlist Type: Options for video playlists

Dolby Digital (AC3) Audio: Enable AC3 sound from files that contain an AC3 audio track (requires an AC3 compatible receiver).

Volume Control: Allows for volume to be controlled using the UP/DOWN arrows while a video is playing in Infuse. If disabled, the UP/DOWN arrows will be used to toggle chapter controls.

Center Channel Boost: Allows for enhance dialogue audio track (works well when watching videos at low volume).

Track Info: Allows Infuse to automatically download and display artist bio and track info while music is being played.

Slideshow Timeout: Adjust the time before an artist slideshow automatically starts while music is being played.

Playlist Type: Options for music playlists


Clear Recently Watched: Remove the recently watched items from the 'Top Shelf' area of the Infuse menu.

Clear All Metadata: Remove all metadata that has been downloaded for your files.


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