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Infuse supports a number of various options for controlling playback and adjusting settings.


  • Play/pause: 2-finger tap
  • Skip forward 10s: Double-tap right side of screen (multiple taps can be used)
  • Skip backward 10s: Double-tap left side of screen (multiple taps can be used)
  • Fast forward: Tap/drag right (the longer the drag, the further forward the video will go)
  • Rewind video: Tap/drag left (the longer the drag, the further back the video will go)
  • Adjust screen brightness: Tap/drag up/down on left half of screen
  • Adjust video volume: Tap/drag up/down on right half of screen

If using an external keyboard, hold Command to see additional shortcuts.

Apple TV

  • Play/pause: Single-click the Select or Play/Pause button
  • Fast-forward/rewind: Click and hold left/right button. Click again to increase speed
  • 10s skip: Click the left/right edges of the touch surface (requires Chapter Controls option to be disabled)
  • Chapter skip: Click the left/right edges of the touch surface (requires Chapter Controls option to be enabled)
  • Jog-wheel scrubbing: Pause video, and rest finger on the outer edge of touch surface. Once the jog-wheel icon appears, use a circular motion to scrub forward or back
  • Access playback options: Swipe down while a video is playing



  • Play/Pause = Space
  • Next Video = Shift→
  • Previous Video = Shift←
  • Forward 15 sec = →
  • Backward 15 sec = ←
  • Next Chapter = ⌘→
  • Previous Chapter = ⌘←
  • Advanced Options = ⌘S


  • Toggle Fullscreen = ^⌘F
  • Toggle PiP = ^⌘P
  • Speed up = Shift]
  • Speed down = Shift[
  • Normal speed = Shift⌘[


  • Volume up = ↑
  • Volume down = ↓
  • Mute = Shift⌘↓
  • Cycle Audio Track (next audio track) = ^⌘A


  • Cycle Subtitles Track (next subtitles track) = ^⌘S
  • Toggle Subtitles (show on/off) = ^⌘G
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