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‘Smart Folders’ is a feature in Infuse that allows a folder to be ‘flattened’ and displayed as a playable item instead of a regular folder.

This can be useful if movie titles are organized into individual folders with video, artwork, metadata, and subtitles files inside.

Benefits of Smart Folders

With Smart Folders enabled

  • Folders are displayed with movie artwork instead of generic folder artwork
  • Fewer clicks to begin playback
  • Opening larger folders can be slower
  • Exact folder structure is hidden
  • Automatic recognition of DVD and Blu-ray folders

With Smart Folders disabled

  • Folders will be displayed without movie artwork
  • Extra click required to navigate inside to access videos
  • Opening of larger folders can be faster
  • Maintains exact folder structure
  • Recognition of DVD and Blu-ray folders requires folder name changes (see below)

These differences only apply to browsing directly via folders. The Smart Folders setting will not have any effect when browsing content via the Library.

Enabling and Disabling Smart Folders

The Smart Folders option can be enabled or disabled using the option found under the Advanced section when adding a new share.


The Smart Folders option can only be adjusted when initially adding the share. Once the share has been saved, the Smart Folders option cannot be adjusted. To change the Smart Folders setting of an existing share the share will need to be removed and re-added.

Using DVD and Blu-ray folders with Smart Folders Off

With Smart Folders disabled, Infuse will no longer display DVD (VIDEO_TS) and Blu-ray (BDMV) folders as playable items while browsing folders directly. Instead these will appear as normal folders with the various files and folders inside being visible.

These will still be flattened when browsing in the Library. ISO/IMG files will not be affected by the Smart Folders setting.

If your library contains these types of items and you prefer to have Smart Folders disabled the following extensions can be added to the folders which will allow Infuse to continue to flatten these specific items.

DVD folders


Blu-ray folders






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