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Favorites and Lists are versatile options which can be pinned to the Home Screen for browsing movies, TV shows, and other videos.

Favorites vs Lists

Favorites and Lists both allow you to quickly access content, but each are a little different.

On iOS/macOS: Lists are available and can be pinned to the Home Screen.


On Apple TV: Favorites will appears as icons (like bookmarks to certain categories). Lists are rows of content.


Pinning Items


Lists can be pinned by following these steps.

  1. Browse to a Library category of your choice (EG Library > By Genre > Action)
  2. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and select Pin to Home Screen.
  3. Select a name, and tap Add.
  4. Items from that category will now appear right on the Home Screen.


Apple TV

Favorites and Lists can be added by following these steps.

  1. Locate a category of your choice in the Library (EG Library > Movies > Unwatched)
  2. Hold down the center (select) button
  3. Select a name for the Favorite/List
  4. Choose whether to add the category as a Favorite or List
  5. The category will now appear on the home screen

Note: If the Library icon is not visible on the home screen it can be enabled in Settings > Library.


Removing Favorites & Lists

Infuse comes with a few default favorites and lists, but these can be easily adjusted by following these steps.

  1. Identify the Favorite/List you would like to remove.
  2. Navigate to that section in the Browse (iOS) or Library (Apple TV) menu.
  3. iOS: Navigate inside the category, and tap the 3 dots to remove the Favorite.
  4. Apple TV: Long-press on the category to remove the Favorite/List.
  5. The item will be immediately removed from the home screen.

For folder Favorites which are actual network folders, it's best to hide these instead of removing them. See below.


Hiding Folder Favorites

For Favorites which are links to folders on your network device, cloud storage, etc... you'll most likely just want to hide these instead of fully removing them, as fully removing folder-based Favorites will prevent Infuse from being able to access the content inside.

  1. Identify the Favorite you would like to hide
  2. Long-press on the Favorite and select the Hide Favorite option
  3. The item will be immediately hidden from the home screen

To unhide Favorites which have been hidden, browse through Settings > Shares > Share Name and select the Favorite you wish to unhide.


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