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Due to the wide range of video types, encoders, settings, etc... there are times when a particular video may feature unique characteristics that can cause trouble. We work to resolve every issue like this we come across, and providing a sample of the problematic video will often times help us track down the issue much quicker.

Uploading Samples

If you'd like to upload the video (or a sample of it) you may do so using our public file upload option. This upload page supports files up to 50GB in size.

After uploading a video, please send us a note and let us know a little bit about the issue. This allows us to follow-up with any questions and let you know when the issue has been fixed.

Creating Smaller Files

If uploading the full video doesn't make sense, you can clip out a few minutes (to make uploading faster) by using the free tools from EmmGunn.

  1. Open the corresponding app (MKVtools, MP4tools, etc...) and select Edit Files
  2. Drag in your video
  3. Select a start and an end time (usually 5 minutes is plenty)
  4. Click Split


If possible, test the created sample to ensure it exhibits the same issue as the original file.

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