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Infuse includes many adjustable options which can be adjusted for many specific use cases. Below is an overview of what each setting does.


  • Show Apple ‘TV’ Library (iOS only) - Access synced videos from the ‘TV’ app
  • Show Filenames - Display full filenames instead of titles
  • File Management - Allow remote videos to be deleted
  • List View (Apple TV only) - Switch from grid to list view
  • Sort Order - Adjust the default sort order for browsing files
  • Show Poster Titles - Display video titles below posters in grid view
  • Appearance - Toggle light/dark mode (On Apple TV, this is set in the tvOS Settings > General > Appearance menu)
  • App Icon - Toggle light/dark app icon
  • Metadata Fetching - Allow metadata and artwork to be fetched from TMDB
  • Embedded Metadata - Allow Infuse to read metadata/artwork embedded inside your files (This will slow down metadata fetching)
  • Download Subtitles (iOS/macOS only) - Automatically download subtitles for local (synced) content
  • Cellular Sync & Download (iOS only) - Allow for automatic library sync and file downloads while using cellular data
  • Up Next List - Adjust which sections are visible in the main Up Next List on the home screen
  • Watched Indicators - Show watched icon overlay in grid view
  • Picks of the Day - Enable/disable the Picks of the Day feature
  • Show Logos (iPad, Apple TV, Mac only) - Enable/disable movie/series logos
  • Hide Spoilers - Blur descriptions and thumbnails of unwatched TV episodes
  • Share Crash Data - Allow Infuse to collect anonymous diagnostic and crash data (system info, video codecs, time used, etc...)
  • Auto-Select Next - Automatically highlight the next TV episode after finishing a previous item
  • Metadata - Shows how much local space is used for metadata/artwork - tap to clear.


  • Trakt - Log in and adjust Trakt settings (more info)
  • iCloud Sync - Allow library details to sync via iCloud (more info)

Collections & Groups

  • Group Movies Into Collections - Show collections instead of individual movies while browsing movie categories
  • Group TV Shows Into Collections - Show collections instead of individual series while browsing TV show categories
  • TMDB Collections - Group movies sequels into collections based on info from TMDB
  • Custom Collections - Show custom collections you have created
  • Details View - With this enabled, selecting a collection's poster will take you to the details page. Disable to browse collections in a grid view
  • Smart Groups - Automatically group multiple copies of a movie (different cuts, resolutions, duplicates, etc...) into a single item
  • Select Version - Default version selection when opening a Smart Group


  • Subtitles - Display subtitles by default, if present.
  • Gesture Control (iOS only) - Use gestures during playback (more info)
  • Continuous Playback - Automatically play the next video
  • Resume Playback - Choose what happens when resuming videos
  • Chapter Controls - Adjust the edge-tap behavior (Apple TV) or playback overlay buttons (iOS).
    • On = Use buttons/edge taps to skip between chapters
    • Off = Use buttons/edge taps to skip time increments
  • Forward Skip - Set time in seconds for forward skip action (has no effect if Chapter Controls is enabled)
  • Backward Skip - Set time in seconds for backward skip action (has no effect if Chapter Controls is enabled)
  • Background Playback (iOS only) - Allow videos to play audio-only in the background while using other apps
  • Landscape Lock (iPhone only) - Lock playback to landscape mode at all times
  • Streaming Cache
    • Auto - Use an efficient read-ahead cache using available disk space and RAM
    • Memory Only - Use a read-ahead cache using RAM only
    • Legacy - Does not utilize a read-ahead cache, and will use RAM only
  • Playback Speed - Adjust default playback speed (playback speed can also be adjusted during playback)
  • Dolby Vision (applies to Profile 8 only)
    • On - Enable Dolby Vision playback
    • Off - Disable Dolby Vision playback and play Dolby Vision files in HDR (recommended for TV models which do not support Dolby Vision)


  • 5.1 Audio over HDMI (iOS only) - Allow for 5.1 passthrough when using HDMI adapters
  • 5.1 Audio over AirPlay (iOS only) - Allow for 5.1 passthrough when using AirPlay (Dolby AC3 only)
  • Volume Boost - Provide boost for audio volume, up to 300% (this can also be enabled on a per-video basis through the Playback Menu while a video is playing)
  • Downmix Volume - Original/Normalized. Use Normalized if you are experiencing static or crackling audio in louder scenes
  • LFE in Stereo Downmix - Include the LFE (subwoofer) channel in the 2.0 stereo mix, for extra low end audio


  • Audio - Choose your preferred language for audio tracks
  • Subtitles - Choose your preferred language for subtitle tracks
  • Metadata - Choose your preferred language for metadata and artwork

Selecting ‘Auto’ will cause Infuse to use the current language settings from your device, and automatically select any tracks which may be tagged with the ‘default’ tag. To avoid using the default tag, you can switch from Auto to your preferred language.

Selecting ‘Original’ will cause metadata and artwork to be fetched in the language of the original release. For example, titles released in France would appear in French, US would appear in English, and Japan would appear in Japanese. This will override the language settings on your device.

Parental Controls

  • Restrictions - Enable Parental Controls
  • Use Face/Touch ID (iOS/macOS only) - Enable Face/Touch ID
  • Change Passcode - Set a new passcode
  • App Lock (iOS/macOS only) - Require a passcode to open Infuse
  • Search Lock - Require a passcode to use Search features
  • Disable Files App (iOS only) - Prevent files from being accessible via the iOS 'Files' app
  • Allowed Movie/TV Show ratings - Select the ratings for which no passcode is required
  • Require PIN - Adjust how often a PIN code must be entered
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