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Infuse supports creating custom playlists which allow for flexible ways to enjoy your videos. Loop and shuffle features are available for playlists as well as folders and categories.

Creating Playlists

Step 1. Locate the first video you want to add, open the 3 dots menu on the details page, and select the Playlists item.


On Apple TV, the Playlists button can be found on the video details page.


Step 2. Choose from an existing list, or tap the 'Create Playlist' option to start a new list.


Step 3. Give your playlist an awesome name.


Step 4. The item will appear in the chosen playlist. To remove an item, simply tap the playlist name.


Using Playlists

Once a playlist has been created, it can be accessed through the Library.

On iOS/macOS, tap the search icon from the lower nav bar and select Playlists.


On Apple TV, select the Library item on the home screen and select Playlists.


Loop & Shuffle

Loop and shuffle can be used for playing a playlist folder, a category, TV seasons, or individual videos.

To access playback options on iOS/macOS, locate the list/folder of files you want to play, navigate inside, and tap the 3 dots menu.


To access playback options on Apple TV, locate the group of files you want to play, highlight the folder/category, and long-press the Play/Pause button.


Deleting playlists

Unwanted playlists can be easily removed by following these steps.

On iOS/macOS, navigate inside the Playlist to be deleted, and select the Delete option from the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner.


On Apple TV, long-press on the Playlist name and select the Delete Playlist option.


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