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Infuse supports streaming from many cloud services, including: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, pCloudYandex.Disk, MEGA, and Aliyun Drive.

Streaming is available on iOS, Apple TV, and Mac however connections to cloud services can only be made on iOS and Mac. Once a connection has been made, this will sync to other devices via iCloud.

Adding a Cloud Share

Step 1. Tap the Settings (gear) icon in the lower right corner, and select Add Files.


Step 2. Locate the Saved Shares section, and select Add...

Add Files.png

Step 3. Select the cloud service you wish to use from the list, then follow the prompts to log in and connect your account.

Cloud Services.png

Step 4. (optional) Once connected, you can choose to add one or more favorites for direct access to the folders you use the most. Simply tap the star icon to add a folder as a favorite.

Adding at least one favorite is required in order to access videos on Apple TV.


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