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For some videos (like home movies) you may not want Infuse to try to fetch metadata and artwork for your videos. In this case, you can direct Infuse to use embedded metadata for a single video, a single folder, or for all videos.

For a Single Video

Step 1: Long-press (right-click on macOS) on the video's poster and select the Edit Metadata option.


Step 2: Select the 'None - use embedded metadata' option which appears at the top of the list.


For an Entire Folder

To use embedded metadata for an entire folder (including any subfolders) long-press (right-click on macOS) on the folder icon and select 'Use Local Metadata'.

Folders tagged as local metadata can be untagged, but the cached info will remain until a title is edited manually, or the clear all metadata option in Settings is used.


For All Videos

To disable metadata fetching for all videos, and rely on embedded metadata only, disable the 'Metadata Fetching' option found in Infuse > Settings > General.


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