Trakt Sync

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Use the Trakt integration in Infuse to keep watched history, progress, and ratings in sync with your Trakt profile.


  • A free account (sign up here)
  • Logged into Trakt on all devices (login via Infuse > Settings)
  • Scrobbling enabled (Infuse > Settings)

What is Synced?

  • Watched history
  • Playback position for in-progress items
  • Ratings and comments

Free vs Pro

The free version of Infuse is able to send data to Trakt (1-way sync). Infuse Pro adds support for both sending data to Trakt and pulling down updates from Trakt (2-way sync). This 2-way sync allows changes made on the Trakt website or through other apps to be updated in Infuse.

Using Trakt with Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

When using a media server connection (such as Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex) Infuse will be able to send watched history to Trakt, but it will not pull watched history from Trakt. Instead, Infuse will rely on the watched history and playback progress provided by the media server software.

Trakt Sync can be used with or without iCloud Sync enabled.

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