Testing Streaming Speeds

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Infuse includes a built-in speed test feature that allows you to test actual transfer speeds from where your videos are stored.

Some devices support multiple streaming protocols (EG SMB, NFS, WebDAV, etc...) and comparing speeds between each allows you to choose the best option to use in your environment with Infuse.

Running a Speed Test

Step 1. Locate the Speed Test option in Infuse.

Apple TV

Settings > Shares > Share Name > Speed Test


Settings > Add Files > (click pencil icon next to share name) > Speed Test


Add Files > (click pencil icon next to share name) > Speed Test


Step 2. Select a file to use for the test

For the test, Infuse will download an actual file from the source you are currently browsing.


Checking the Results

Step 1. During the test

Once the test begins, you can see live data on average, current, and minimum speeds.


Step 2. After the test

Once the test ends, you can view a graph showing the speeds achieved throughout the test. Consistent speeds are good.


What Speed Do I Need?

Below are some general minimum speed guidelines for different resolutions. Faster is always better. 🙂

  • 720p - 10 Mbps
  • 1080p - 20 Mbps
  • 4K - 65 Mbps

Tips for Getting More Speed

  1. If using SMB, try selecting a different SMB version in the share's settings in Infuse (EG SMB2 or Legacy)
  2. Try different network streaming options (EG SMB, NFS, FTP, WebDAV, etc...)
  3. Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi (if possible)
  4. Add Wi-Fi network extenders to improve signal
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