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Infuse supports a wide variety of naming formats, and will fetch info for most titles automatically. Here are a few tips for how files can be named to get the best results.


Individual movies

Pulp Fiction (1994).mkv

Movies grouped into folders with related files (images, subtitles, etc...)

/Movies/Pulp Fiction
> Pulp Fiction (1994).mkv
> Pulp Fiction (1994).srt
> Pulp Fiction (1994).jpg
> Pulp Fiction-fanart.jpg
> Pulp Fiction.nfo

> Inception.avi
> Inception.jpg
> Inception-fanart.jpg
> Inception.xml

Including the release year in the filename is not required, but it can help get more accurate results.

TV Shows

Individual TV show episodes

  1. show-name_s01e02.mkv
  2. show-name_s1e2.mkv
  3. show-name_s01.e02.mkv
  4. show-name_s01_e02.mkv
  5. show-name_1x02.mkv
  6. show name/any folder/S01E02.mkv
  7. show name/any folder/01.02.mkv
  8. show name/season 1/02.mkv
  9. show name/season 1/1-02.mkv
  10. show name/season 1/episode 02.mkv

Option 6-10 cannot be used with Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.

Organizing episodes into folders

TV Shows/The Big Bang Theory
 > Season 1
    > Files
> Season 2
> Files
> Season 3
> Files
TV Shows/The Office
> Season 1
> Files
> Season 2
> Files
> Season 3
> Files

TV Specials

For episodes classified as a 'special' a season number of 0 should be used.


Period, space, underscore, and dash can all be used interchangeably as separator characters for both movies and TV shows.


Anime is currently classified as a TV series, and even though it doesn't usually have seasons (in the typical sense) you will need to include a season number in the filename in order for Infuse to get the correct metadata. This will also allow for Infuse to group all episodes together.

For example, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations includes 200+ episodes in Season 1, so a filename like this can be used: Boruto Naruto Next Generations S01 E210.mp4

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