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Infuse will fetch info from The Movie Database (TMDB) for movies, TV shows, anime, concerts, short films, and collections.

Below are some naming guidelines which will allow you to get the best results when matching your videos with titles from TMDB.


Individual movies

Pulp Fiction (1994).mkv

Movies grouped into folders with related files (images, subtitles, etc...)

/Movies/Pulp Fiction (1994)
> Pulp Fiction (1994).mkv
> Pulp Fiction (1994).srt
> Pulp Fiction (1994).jpg
> Pulp Fiction-fanart.jpg
> Pulp Fiction.nfo

> Inception.avi
> Inception.jpg
> Inception-fanart.jpg
> Inception.xml

Including the release year in the filename is not required, but it can help get more accurate results.

TV Shows

Individual TV show episodes

  1. show-name_s01e02.mkv
  2. show-name_s1e2.mkv
  3. show-name_s01.e02.mkv
  4. show-name_s01_e02.mkv
  5. show-name_1x02.mkv
  6. show name/any folder/S01E02.mkv
  7. show name/any folder/01.02.mkv
  8. show name/season 1/02.mkv
  9. show name/season 1/1-02.mkv
  10. show name/season 1/episode 02.mkv

Option 6-10 cannot be used with Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.

Organizing episodes into folders

TV Shows/The Big Bang Theory
 > Season 1
    > Files
> Season 2
> Files
> Season 3
> Files
TV Shows/The Office
> Season 1
> Files
> Season 2
> Files
> Season 3
> Files

TV Specials

For episodes classified as a 'special' a season number of 0 should be used.


Period, space, underscore, and dash can all be used interchangeably as separator characters for both movies and TV shows.


Anime is currently classified as a TV series, and even though it doesn't usually have seasons (in the typical sense) you will need to include a season number in the filename in order for Infuse to get the correct metadata. This will also allow for Infuse to group all episodes together.

For example, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations includes 200+ episodes in Season 1, so a filename like this can be used: Boruto Naruto Next Generations S01 E210.mp4

Tags for Cuts, Parts, and Versions

When multiple copies of a movie are present, Infuse will automatically recognize tags in the filename to differentiate between versions. These automatically recognized tags include:

  • Director’s Cut
  • Extended Cut
  • Theatrical Cut
  • Cinematic Cut
  • Final Cut
  • Unrated Cut
  • TV Cut
  • Uncut
  • Special Edition
  • Ultimate Edition
  • Black & White
  • Wide Screen
  • Full Screen
  • IMAX
  • Part x (cdX, discX, diskX, dvdX, partX, ptX)

You can also add custom tags using the ‘edition’ tag in the filename, in this format.

  • Get Out (2017) {edition-Regular Ending}.mp4
  • Get Out (2017) {edition-Alternate Ending}.mp4

Tags are only visible while browsing via the Library.

Missing or Incorrect Metadata & Artwork

TMDB is a community-built database with metadata and artwork in many languages. If you happen to run into a title that has missing or incorrect details and/or artwork, the relevant info can be easily added by creating a free TMDB account. Be sure to check out the contribution guidelines if you have questions.

Adding artwork and metadata to TMDB is beneficial to the community, as it will be available to Infuse and many other apps. Alternatively, you can use your own local metadata and artwork, if you prefer.

Content which is added or updated on TMDB will be available in Infuse within about 1 day.

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